Born: April 1986, Wakefield, UK.




May 2017: 'Perpetual Motion', Plus One Gallery, London. 

Summer 2016: 'Everything & Nothing', Fort Wayne Museum Of Art, Indiana.

November 2014: 'Filthy Lucre', DeBuck Gallery, New York.

October 2013: 'Real Impossibilities', Plus One Gallery, London.

September 2009: Premier solo show, Plus One Gallery, London. 



December: Context Art Miami, online edition, Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts Gallery.

July: Virtual exhibition, G-allery, Germany. 


June: Fair For Saatchi, Plus One Gallery, London. 


November-July 2019: '50 Years Of Realism- Photorealism To Virtual Reality', Sao Paulo, Brasilia & Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

June-September: 'Hyperrealism', Museu Del Tabac, Andorra.


November/December: The Luxembourg Art Fair, Galerie Paul Janssen, Saint Tropez.

October: The Affordable Art Fair London, Plus One Gallery.

September: 'Autumn Show', Plus One Gallery, London.

June: 'Hyperrealism & Summer Vibes', Galerie Paul Janssen, Saint Tropez.

February: 'Winter Show', Plus One Gallery, London. 

January: 'Attention To Detail', Robert Lange Studios, Charleston, South Carolina.


September: Official opening of a new space, Plus One Gallery, London. 

July: 'Summer Show', Plus One Gallery, London.

March: 'DB Affair' by DB Concept, DeBuck Gallery, New York. 

January: 'Realisme Amsterdam', Mark Peet Visser Gallery.

January/February: 'Winter Show', Plus One Gallery, London.



May: 20|21 International Art Fair 2015, London.

February: 'Winter Show', Plus One Gallery, London.



September: 'Contemporary Realism Biennial', Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Indiana.

May: PULSE Art Fair, New York City, DeBuck Gallery, New York.

March: SCOPE Art Fair, New York City, DeBuck Gallery, New York.


September: LAPADA Art Fair, Berkeley Square, London. 

June: 'Hyperrealism Today', Museu Del Tabac, Andora. 

June: 'The Naked Truth', Plus One Gallery, London.

February: 'Winter Show', Plus One Gallery, London.



December: 'British Realism Now', Metro Gallery, Melbourne Austrailia.

November: 'Lots'a naked ladies, and one guy', Louis K Meisel Gallery, New York.

September: 'Beyond Realism', Galerie De Bellefeuille, Montreal.
July: 'Londons Calling', Plus One Gallery, London.
February: 'Hyperrealism Now', Plus One Gallery, London.
January: HRH Prince Charles visits University Centre, Barnsley. 


November: 'Bon Appétit!', Plus One Gallery, London.
September: 'Exactitude VI: 10 Years of Hyperrealism Today', Plus One Gallery, London.
February: 'Winter Show', Plus One Gallery, London.


February: 'Winter Show', Plus One Gallery, London.


April: 'Exactitude V- Hyperrealist Art Today', Plus One Gallery, London.


October: Art London.
September: 'Exactitude IV', Plus One Gallery, London.
June: 'Summer Show', Plus One Gallery, London.
April/May: 'Artists Open Studios' South Yorkshire 2008, Basic Arts, Rotherham.
February: Plus One Gallery, London.

Barnsley Digital Media Centre, Barnsley.
Derby City Open art exhibition.
Holmfirth Artweek, Holmfirth.
Open Up, Sheffield.
Rotherham Open Art Exhibition, (artist of the year under 25).


Derby City Open Art Exhibition, Derby.
Holmfirth Artweek, Holmfirth.
The Pump House Gallery, Harrogate.

Chapel Allerton Art Festival, Leeds.
''7'' The British Red Cross Contemporary Art Auction, supported by Sotheby's.
The North Street Gallery, Leeds.




2014: Exhibition Award, Contemporary Realism Biennial 2014.

2007: Rotherham Artist of the Year Under 25.



February 2019: Murze Magazine, Issue Four, Political Art.

November 2018: REALISMO, Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil.

June 2018: HIPERREALISME, Museu Del Tabac. p67-68.

June 2017: Hedge Magazine June Issue, 'On The Market - Tom Martin' , p20.  

May 2017: Square Mile 123, The Best of British Issue, p17 & p23.

May 2017: Private Air, Luxury Homes, Volume 6 Issue 3, p76, E.J Webber. 

May 2017: London Life Magazine, ‘On The Money’, p56-57.

February 2017: Charleston City paper, 'The Devil's in the Detail', p28-31, Connelly Hardaway. 

October 2016: The Artists Magazine, 'The Colors of Money'. 

April 2016: 'The Acrylic Painter' by Watson-Duptill.

September 2014: 'Contemporary Realism Biennial' Catalogue.

October 2013: Belgravia Residents Journal, Issue 17.

October 2013: Absolutely Chelsea, p24.

August 2013: ‘The New Aesthetics’ Volume 1 No.2, Post Modern Times.

July 2013: '30 Under Thirty, Art Business News', Summer 2013.

June 2013: Catalogue for 'Hyperrealism Today', Plus One Gallery publishing, Museu Del Tabac.

May 2013: 'iARTistas 7 Magazine', published by Geof Huth, Sarah Blake and Didi Menendez.  

Jan 2013: Feature in the Harrogate Advertiser.

December 2012: 'British Realism Now', catalogue, Metro Gallery Melbourne Austrailia. 

September 2012: 'Beyond Realism', catalogue, Galerie De Bellefeuille.

August  2012: The Yorkshire Post, ‘Preserves Maker Toasted’.

August 2012: The Yorkshire Times, ‘A Slice of Yorkshire in the Heart of the West End’.

August 2012: The York Press, ‘Sally’s marmalade is toast of London’.

November 2011: 'Art and Freedom VI', Artlibre Gallery. August 2011: Poets and Artists Magazine.

February 2010: Poets and Artists Magazine.

April 2009: Exactitude, Hyperrealist Art Today.

September 2008: 'Exactitude Four', Catalogue.

June 2008: Barnsley Chronicle. 

Friday 20th June. Degree show feature.

April 2008: 'Artists Open Studios', South Yorkshire 2008. A catalogue organised by Open Up Sheffield.

2005: Principles, British Red Cross Charity Event, Catalogue.



January 2012: Prince Charles visits The University Centre, Barnsley.
February 2010: Poets and Artists Magazine.
July 2009: Interview with Kevin Lee Jones.
2007: An interview with Clive Head, Photorealist Painter, (29/10/07), Scarborough.